Go Lions, Go! - Aussie Rules (Quite Literally)

Well folks,

I've only gone and dabbled in the "dark side." Not content with pledging allegiance to the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Team (Go Broncos, Go!), the Queensland Reds Rugby Union Team (Go Reds, Go!), and of course the Queensland Roar "soccer" team; I can now add The Brisbane Lions AFL team to my ever-growing list of favourite teams.

A list, for those that are interested, looks a something like this (and yes it is in descending order - of course!):

Ballyclare Comrades F.C.
Liverpool F.C.
Rangers F.C.
Wigan Rugby League
Royal Antwerp F.C.
Ebbsfleet United F.C. (of which, I am a part-owner!!)

Queensland Roar
Brisbane Broncos
Brisbane Lions
Queensland Reds
Torquay United F.C.
Miami Dolphins
Boston Red Sox

All the above clubs have a special place in my heart. As you all know by now, it's the simple pleasures in life that keep me amused...as you can see by this video clip - or maybe it was the Boags Premium that I guzzled greedily in the pre-match build-up!

Incidentally, the Lions lost in, what was according to a guy I met in the pub afterwards, quite possibly the best game of AFL played. EVER! And we all know how wise complete randoms full of booze in a pub are...

Final Score: Brisbane Lions 118 130 Hawthorn Hawks