God Save Our Gracious Sheila

Hello again folks,

With the time gone 5pm I'm starting to get the Friday Buzz, so just a few short words before the weekend can begin in earnest and I head off to the pub.

In 9 days time I leave the Land of Oz and make my way back up to the Northern Hemisphere on a trip that will involve Taipei, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rock Werchter Festival and last - but by no means least, Northern Ireland.

Yep - I'm heading home for a long overdue trip.

It's difficult to get too excited about the trip just yet because of all the work that I have on at the moment but the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely starting to glow.

Apart from work to keep me distracted, there was also the long weekend that we just had in Australia. The reason? Nonbe other than the Queen's Birthday. Except it wasn't the Queen's birthday at all. Apparently Australia just has a day off a year to celebrate it. Auch, sure you've gotta love these colonials.

The long weekend turned out to be a big event in itself with my first ever stag day/night in Australia. The Aussie blokes didn't disappoint with fishing / a game of cricket / pool tournament and of course alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol, including dentist chair drinking games...

Later that night I got up on stage in a packed Irish Bar to do my terrible, TERRIBLE Michael Flatley Riverdance impersonation. I know I was shite but the Aussies LOVED it! The band stopped playing, the spot light was put on me and the 2-300 people in the place cheered my every move. First time I've done something like that since I came to Belgium, so I guess I must be finding my feet down here.

The Sunday was another highly enjoyable evening, spent at the house of friends in the trendy West End suburb of Brisbane.

Krissy and I are currently looking for somehwere to live in Brisbane - just a short 3-month rental somewhere close to the city. As beautiful as it undoubtedly is, we're going a little STIR CRAZY up on the Sunshine Coast!

This weekend sees the actual wedding, although becuase it is on a Sunday evening, things can't get too out of hand (he says with tongue planted firmly in cheek).