Australia is Oz-some - the first post!!

OK Folks,

(Well, Skippy, for the moment)

This is my next blog, the originally titled "Australia is Oz-some" - a little corner of cyberspace dedicated to my experiences as a wee country fella from Northern Ireland setting off on the biggest adventure of my life - a move over to Australia to sample the delights that that most beautiful of countries has to offer.

Wee bit nervous at the prospect but good or bad I know that it's going to be a HUGE ADVENTURE.

Perhaps I'll come back with my tail between my legs, perhaps not but it's something that I've got to try. I'd regret it forever if I hadn't. Yes, it's a step into the unknown but feck it, I'm the Intrepid Traveller, I'm not that bad a fella - surely Australia will be kind to me?

We'll soon find out!!

Talk to you soon.